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Know your seed with our innovative seed performance and varietal characterization search engine

In order to bring complete grain management to the farm, you must first understand the seed. Since 2005, AGI SureTrack has been working to build one of the nation’s most complete databases on corn and soybean seed performance by combining all field trial data into one centralized place.

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Rank Hybrids tool: Explore reliable, ranked lists of field trial performers in your area

Instead of having to dig through and compare field trial data from numerous places, YieldFax does it for you with its easy ranking tool.

  • Set your filters for what you would like to examine, including soil type, seed brand, pest resistance and many others
  • Input your ZIP code and define the geographic radius you want to include in the results
  • As you select filters, YieldFax instantly refreshes and delivers a list of field trials meeting the selected criteria, ranked by performance
  • Dive into individual trials and see the real data, giving you the degree of insight you need to discuss with your seed suppliers and pick the best seed for your needs

Hybrid Trials tool: View performance of a specific variety

If you are not wanting a ranked list, search for data on a specific variety you’re interested in.

  • Set filters for soil type, irrigation, and brand/variety of seed
  • Input your ZIP code and define the geographic radius you want to include in the results
  • YieldFax delivers field trial results for that seed in your area, helping you understand if that specific variety is optimal for your needs

What if selecting a different seed could net you more profit?

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

YieldFax is available with a subscription to SureTrack FARM.

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