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Your solution to ENSURE PROFIT

SureTrack FARM™ gives you the ability to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, from seed selection to improved crop growth to grain storage management to marketing your grain.


Improve your yield and quality by selecting the right seed for your soil type and location.

Track your fields and know when to plant, harvest, fertilize and irrigate to get the most from your soil.

Protect and condition your stored grain with an automated system that will boost your grain quality.

Know when and where to sell your grain for maximum profit or work directly with processors to capture premiums for quality grain.

SureTrack FARM is helping farmers find new opportunities and bring increased value and profits back to the farms. SureTrack FARM is your solution to ensure profit.

What does this mean? YOU CAN...


YieldFax - Learn more
  • View top performing seed varieties from an unbiased database of field trials.
  • Dive into individual trials and get the insight you need to pick the best seed for your needs and geographic location.


FieldDataManager - Learn more
  • Monitor real-time weather and soil conditions of your fields.
  • Determine best planting and harvest times and know when and where irrigation is needed.
  • Record field events - including date, wind speed and specific field.


BinManager - Learn more
  • Receive hourly updates on the temperature and moisture of your grain.
  • View fan and/or heater activity that can be automated for energy efficiencies.
  • Review inventory quantity and quality across entire operation, or dial down to specific bins.


MarketManager - Learn more
CashBidManager - Learn more
  • Maximize your ROI by viewing real-time cash bids for your harvest.
  • Share your crop information so interested parties can connect with you directly.
  • View live demands from merchandisers or processors for food grade and specialty commodities.

Find new opportunities and bring increased value and profits to your farm with SureTrack FARM.

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

SureTrack FARM Online Solution includes:
  • 1 year subscription
  • Access to online management resources
  • Centralized location to manage your grain production
  • Fully secure, private and customizable online account

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