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Specialty Solutions

Managing the storage of Specialty Commodity Solutions

Manage more than grain with IntelliFarms' products

IntelliFarms offers solutions for specialty commodities and crops beyond grains. Across the nation, producers of nuts, produce and forage crops are experiencing the value and profit that IntelliFarms can bring to their farm.

Drying and Storage Management Solutions

The foundations of IntelliFarms' innovative BinManager technology have been modified and customized to various industries and production methods including popcorn, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, rice, sunflower seeds and even sweet potatoes.

IntelliFarms' new PeanutManager, PistachioManager and PecanManager products are designed to automate the drying and curing process in a variety of facilities, including trailers, bins, domes, sheds and wagons. The nuts are dried to optimal moisture levels for marketing and minimize costly reductions due to over-drying and cracking.

Contact IntelliFarms to discuss the needs on your farm and the IntelliFarms storage management solutions that can be customized for you.

Field and Weather Condition Monitoring Solutions

FieldDataManager offers a complete picture of your field, no matter your crop. A central weather station gathers real-time weather data, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind direction and speed and UV rays. FieldDataManager is compatible with the industry's largest wireless soil probe network, which can gather soil temperature and moisture data from six layers of soil, giving you the insight you need to make planting, irrigation and harvesting decisions.

Applications for Yield Enhancement

IntelliFarms offers biological applications for a wide variety of commodities, from nuts to legumes to produce. Biologicals are naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi in the soil that work to promote plant health, vigor, fruit set and ultimately, yield. Speak with an IntelliFarms' biologicals representative to discuss a biologicals program designed to improve your yield: 855.244.7136

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