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Introducing the 3G Plus ™ Cable

IntelliFarms’ pioneered the cable industry with its patented 3G Moisture Cables over seven years ago. Today, new 3G Plus Cables allow every sensor of every cable to measure and report both moisture and temperature data, giving customers an unprecedented complete look at conditions across their stored grain.

IntelliFarms knows that cables are the arteries of the entire grain bin management operation. They ensure its success. This is why the 3G Plus Cable is designed with durability and accuracy in mind and engineered for all weather conditions. 3G Plus Cables are compatible with BinManager®, BinCheck™ and BinCheckDeluxe systems, giving you the flexibility you need for your bin management operation.

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Durable features lead to long-term use:

  •    Cable entrances have watertight roof seals to keep out the elements and cable materials are UV-rated for wear and tear
  •    Cables are accompanied by sturdy 2-rib or 4-rib brackets to minimize and distribute cable down-pull to the roof ribs – leading to the best down-pull rating in the industry
  •    Digital sensors are accurate to 0.5% moisture and within 0.10 degrees Fahrenheit
  •    Sensors are individually replaceable so there is no need to replace the entire cable should one sensor fail.
  •    Cables are available for bin sizes from 6 feet to 105 feet, giving you the flexibility to select the right cables to suit your bin.
  •    IntelliFarms' installation team will help you install the cables in your bins, and all cables come with a comprehensive 2-year parts and labor warranty

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