Perten 9500 - FA

BINMANAGER + Perten 9500

Grain storage management that PAYS OFF in a big way!

Increase the power of BinManager by adding the Perten 9500. With the Perten 9500 you can test the quality of your grains, view the results within your SureTrack FARM™ account, and even share the quality characteristics with potential buyers. Knowing the contents of your grain will help you negotiate top dollar for your investment.


Test your grain for protein, oil levels, starches, moisture and test weight right on your farm; assign grain to bins based on quality characteristics.

Easily view characteristics and condition of the grain in each bin from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Share grain characteristics and inventory with processors who are willing to pay premiums for quality.

Negotiate contracts and schedule deliveries directly with buyers

Many times farmers are not compensated for their quality crops because they don't know what they have. How much protein? How much oil? How much starch?

Don’t leave money on the table because you don’t know the quality of your grain. Take advantage of premiums offered by buyers who are looking for specific grain characteristics. It’s important to keep your grain characteristics separated and know what you have in order to capture premiums and top dollar prices.

What does this mean? NOW...

You can take the negotiating power into your own hands when you connect AGI SureTrack BinManager with the Perten 9500. You can not only test, but assign characteristics to your tested grain in the bin you have set up within BinManager.

The best part? It automatically populates in MarketManager so you have the opportunity to receive bids on your tested grain that same day!



Know what quality grain you have BEFORE you call.


Find new buyers for your quality grains.


Negotiate directly with processors.


Premiums offered for specific grain characteristics.

Increase your negotiating power, know the quality of your grain.

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

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