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Biologicals For Big Yields and Plant Health

New from IntelliFarms, our biologicals applications have the power to improve plant health, vigor and ultimately, yield.

What are Biologicals?

Biologicals are naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi found in soil, and have similar health effects to plants as probiotic enzymes in yogurt do for humans. When applied at the right time and rates, these products have the ability to increase yield by over 20% based on extensive field trial studies.

The biologicals product BigBioYield has proven effectiveness when applied to a variety of crops, including corn, soy, wheat, barley, cotton, sorghum, barley, peanuts and more. Contact an IntelliFarms biologicals specialist to learn about the right application for your crop.

Experience Big Growth with IntelliFarms' High-Yield Soybean Program

Used in conjunction with traditional programs, IntelliFarms' biologicals solutions reap rewards at harvest. Our High-Yield Soybean Program is a three-step approach to foster strong, healthy plants throughout the growing cycle.

Stage applications of IntelliFarms Biologicals

Advantages for Plants with IntelliFarms' High-Yield Soybean Program


A foliar treatment applied at V5 which:

  • Increases proteins, vitamins, and raises the Brix level in the plants
  • Increases health, vigor, and pod development
  • Increases desirable yield

A foliar treatment applied at R1 and R3 which:

  • Increases fruit set and crop quality
  • Increases nutrient levels
  • Improves resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Increases root growth and early plant development
  • Improves overall plant health

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Frequently Asked Questions

IntelliFarms' product BigBioYield is a microbial product with multiple bacteria in it. These bacteria help boost the plant and soil health.

BigSoy100 and BigBioYield require foliar application for Soybeans.

BigBioYield can also be applied in furrow.

  • BigSoy100 by itself at around V5
  • BigSoy100 + BigBioYield at, or a little before R1.

IntelliFarms' biologicals are in spore form, so it can be tank mixed with almost anything, making it a very versatile product.

Biologicals are useful up to 24 months in normal conditions. The best storage conditions are in a place out of direct sunlight where the temperature stays between 39° to 110° Fahrenheit (4° - 26° Celsius).

Yield has increased from 8bu an acre to 10bu an acre.

Field trials average $40 - $50 an acre (With $9.00 beans).

960 Acres = $38,600
1,000 Acres = $40,300
2,000 Acres = $80,600
5,000 Acres = $201,500

The whole IntelliFarms' High-Yield Soybean Program is $28.70 per acre. To compare with different acreages:

960 Acres = $27,552
1,000 Acres = $28,700
2,000 Acres = $57,400
5,000 Acres = $143,500

You will want some time for the product to dry on the leaf surface before any rain.

BigBioYield is foliar applied for soybeans and there are some fungicidal activities that take place on the leaf surface. When it rains, the spores will run off to the soil where they will work with the roots of the plant.

Because of the specific timeline of applying the product later in the more critical times of flower and pod development, we have not seen any issue of the plant getting significantly taller.

There are three bacterias with five different strands in BigBioYield:

  • Bacillus subtilis spp.
    • Increases nutrient availability
    • Transforms complex compounds into more simple compounds
    • Breaks down matter creating macro-aggregates
    • Aids in plant defense protection.
  • Bacillus methylotrophicus spp.
    • Converts atmospheric nitrogen into a plant usable form
    • Aids in biosurfactants production
    • Helps to hold nutrients in the soil
    • Increases rooting
    • Aids in plant protection
  • Bacillus licheniformis sp.
    • Increases rooting and mineral uptake
    • Disassociates salts
    • Promotes plant growth
    • Increases enzyme production, triggering ISR activity

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