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NURTURE the Science in the Soil

AGI SureTrack’s Energy Program combines the science of soil with the industry’s only technology that gathers the right field data. This powerful duo allows growers to maximize growing potential by feeding the soil exactly what it needs, when it needs it.


Real-time, on-site weather and soil system that continuously reports field conditions to help understand soil needs for optimum crop yield

Energy Curve Model applied to maximize growing potential built for your specific soil type and crop

Environmentally safe biologicals designed to enhance growing potential

Custom step-by-step plan based on your program data and expert knowledge from Soil Scientist, Ben Elliot, to help you reach and exceed your crop goals

For years we have been told that to get the most out of our soils, we should add additional products, often containing lab-grown “bugs” in a jug. The truth is, we are learning that biodiversity is the best way to improve what our soils deliver to us. It begins with the chemical balance and how the soil environment is supportive or non-supportive of the diverse and necessary microbes.

The Energy Program builds upon the understanding that diversity drives soil change. Through the use of our technology and science, our program creates a custom plan that supports and builds balance back into your soil allowing for maximum growing potential.

How does the Energy Program work?


  • Get to know you and your farmland. No one knows your land like you do, we want to learn from you in order to help get the most out of the soil you have.
  • Soil analysis. Proper soil analysis is key when building a plan to maximize the soil environment, ensuring chemical balance and growth potential.
  • Biological profiling. We will look at the diversity of your soil through a genetic profile which will allow us to address strengths and weaknesses within your soil.
  • Learn what initiates change. We must understand the impact of applied chemistries on the biodiversity of the soil and the effect on plant growth in order to effectively initiate change.


  • Field specific data. Data points are entered into the SureTrack system as events happen on the field, this builds a data set that is unique to each of your fields we are monitoring.
  • Crop specific program. Your custom Energy Program is setup and accessible within your SureTrack account, your program will adjust as weather elements change.
  • Sustainable goals. We help you set sustainable goals to benefit your entire operation for the foreseeable future.


  • Monitoring. The SureTrack system monitors your complete Energy Program and tracks the growth and development of your crops. Log in at any time and see how your program is progressing.
  • Real-time weather data. With the technology of FieldDataManager, we capture and track exactly what is happening in your fields.
  • Alerts. FieldDataManager monitors how weather patterns and soil conditions affect your crops. Receive alerts directly to your phone or email when critical events are happening so you can make adjustments when necessary to maximize growing potential.


  • Evaluation. As harvest approaches we evaluate your program with you, using the data collected, to further refine your Energy Program to maximize future potential.
  • Building for next year. We start the process all over again for the next season. We now have a powerful tool at our disposal, we know how each of your fields responded to everything we did as a collective.

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