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The Industry's Leading Grain Bin Management Solution.

You invest too much in your crop to run the risk of shrinkage or over-drying in your grain bins.

IntelliFarms’ premier product, BinManager, dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision. Using our patented 3G Plus™ Cables, BinManager measures the moisture and temperature throughout the grain mass and analyzes this data against the conditions of the outside air and the air in the plenum. From there, it determines and automates when the fans and/or heaters run.

You can easily track your BinManager’s progress by logging into your SureTrack FARM account, where you receive hourly updates on the moisture and temperature status of your grain and BinManager current status. No more manual probing or climbing the bins – you can check your BinManager activity from your Smartphone, tablet or computer anytime from anywhere.

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BinManager offers benefits you won’t get from any other grain management technology in the industry:

  •    It is the only system that measures both moisture and temperature in every sensor in every cable with its new 3G Plus Cables, giving you a complete understanding of grain conditions and allowing for proactive management of higher moisture grain.

  •    As a completely wireless-based system, BinManager makes it easy to access your data, make updates to your bin settings and receive system alerts remotely from your phone, tablet or computer.

  •    By sending a sample of your grain to the IntelliFarms University Grain Lab, BinManager is optimized to manage your grain based on the unique Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) curve of your variety, ensuring more accuracy.

  •    Five unique operation modes allow you to dry, cool, re-hydrate and store safely according to your targets.

  •    BinManager is supported by the industry’s leading customer support team and industry experts on grain storage management and comes with a comprehensive 2-year parts and services warranty.

  •    Consultation is provided in order to customize the product to your bin specifications and your storage goals.

Automate your grain storage management to maximize fan runtime and give yourself peace of mind.

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

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