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Built on our Small Town Roots

The farm is truly the heart of our organization. Each day we are driven by our guiding principles of integrity and innovation to create meaningful solutions that deliver value and profit back to the farmer.

With so many of us running our own farms or growing up on farms, we know first-hand the challenges that farmers are facing in this continually evolving industry. We are excited to lead the way to help farmers understand the benefits of growing for a purpose. We are helping them connect with new opportunities to bring the profit and power back to their farms. Our complete SureTrack FARM™ solution is designed to increase profits at every stage of the farming cycle.

Downtown Archie

The AGI SureTrack headquarters is in Archie, Missouri, a small, farming town less than an hour south of Kansas City. We chose Archie with the greatest intent. It’s important for us to be close to the people and places that we serve. Being in Archie keeps us rooted and in touch with the needs of our customers just like you. And truth be told, a trendy office in the suburbs just isn’t our style.

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