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About Us

Our IntelliFarms’ story is an ever-growing one.

But it’s guided by our driving principles – create meaningful innovations and deliver value and profit back to the farm. As we look forward to another year of our company’s journey, we invite you to watch this short video about us to see who we are and where we’re going. And we invite you to join us.

You may be familiar with us as IntelliAir.

When IntelliAir was established, we were solely focused on developing technology to improve grain bin management and yield.

Since that time, we’ve become an industry leader in designing grain bin management solutions to improve our customers’ businesses and profitability. But it’s not in our genes to stop there. We know first-hand the challenges that farmers face in this continually evolving industry. And we see opportunity to help, by bringing technology-based solutions to points across the farm. Solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce uncertainty and maximize yield and profits.

At Home on the Silicon Prairie

The IntelliFarms headquarters is in Archie, Missouri, a small, farming town less than an hour south of Kansas City. We chose Archie with the greatest intent. At the heart of our company is a farming spirit. In fact, many of us have farms or grew up on them. It’s important for us to be close to the people and places that we serve. Being in Archie keeps us rooted and in touch with the needs of our customers like you. And truth be told, a trendy office in the suburbs just isn’t our style.

Today, Kansas City is often referred to as the “Silicon Prairie” because of its increasing number of technology companies headquartered there. Being close to the city allows us to draw some of the brightest engineering and technology minds and put them to work creating comprehensive solutions for your business.